Myo-Bar Tools : Origin & Evolution

Looking for more information on Myo-Bar  Tools? We love introducing our practitioners to great tool brands. What better way to learn about Myo-Bar than from its creator? We hope you enjoy!

Myo-Bar IASTM Tools

Myo-Bar Tools : Origin & Evolution

Mao-Bar IASTM Tools






by Matthew Hajzel


Like many things, the beginnings of the Myo-Bar myofascial tool company were born of necessity. I attended the first go around of the the big brand tool seminars in Chicago in 2001. I could see the benefits immediately. You could more accurately treat restricted myofascial structures than when using your hands alone. You could achieve this with much less practitioner exertion.

The big name trainers Warren Hammer and Terri Longhmani inspired me that weekend in Chicago. Their clinical expertise and enthusiasm helped define my philosophy as a practitioner. An influence that is still a part of my practice style today.

Alas, at the end of the weekend, the retail cost of the instruments was announced. As one of the first ever tool seminars no one had any idea how much they would cost. There was a lot of R&D, manufacturing and marketing costs for them to bring a new product to market. I’m not saying that they were “too expensive” but in my first year of practice, with education and business debts, I could not afford them.

Myo-Bar Tools : Origins

In college, I worked part time in a factory and was exposed to some manufacturing techniques. Consequently, with this knowledge and a bit of trial and error, I was able to create my own set of stainless steel tools. Due to using tools daily for nine years until 2010 I was able collect especially important design features. As a result I went to work on the “ultimate”  tool set for my practice. The final versions would highlight the importance of  better ergonomics, efficient profiles, and additional treatment geometries.

Myo-Bar IASTM Tools

Myo-Bar has innovated ergonomic improvements with tools.
Notice how it comfortably conforms to the practitioner’s hand.

It was fun.  The tools came out really, really nice.  Then colleagues started asking where to get them, to which I said, “I made them.”  Well, can you make us some?

Myo-Bar Tools : Evolution

 Since 2010, the response to our design choices, and unique set combinations has been very well received.  We now have practitioners utilising Myo-Bar Myofascial tools in all 50 US states, all Canadian provinces, and over 35 countries throughout Europe and Asia.

Myo-Bar IASTM Tools

The Myofascial Pro Set I is popular with many practitioners. Includes instruments to access small, medium, and large anatomical targets along with a classic trigger point tool.


We have had great feedback regarding our designs. Our single greatest compliment repeatedly has been:

“I was using poor quality tools before, when I decided to purchase Myo-Bar instruments we were astounded at the difference high quality finishing on the edges made to our treatment results.”  

We believe the most important aspect of any instrument is the  finish. Which I hope you will consider strongly as you navigate your many choices in myofascial tool brands.

Myo-Bar Tools : Want To Find Out More?

 To learn more about the noteworthy Myo-Bar tools please use the link below to visit their main website, view the wide range of instruments and contact the team.

Myo-Bar IASTM Tools



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