Myo-Bar Tools : Origin & Evolution

Looking for more information on Myo-Bar  Tools? We love introducing our practitioners to great tool brands. What better way to learn about Myo-Bar than from its creator? We hope you enjoy! Myo-Bar Tools : Origin & Evolution           by Matthew Hajzel   Like many things, the beginnings of the Myo-Bar myofascial […]

Croatian IASTM Research

Looking for Croatian IASTM Research? Here at KiHealthConcepts we support & celebrate the successes of our IASTM practitioners. Toni Nenadić has researched IASTMs impact on rehabilitation after surgery total knee arthroplasty. Toni will be present his case study at the international conference of physical therapy in Vodice, Croatia this year. We hope you enjoy! UTJECAJ IASTM […]

Need Help Choosing IASTM Seminars?

5 Top Tips on Choosing IASTM Seminars and link to our free Ebook. There has been an explosion in the popularity of IASTM in the last few years, and as a result there is now a significant number of training providers offering IASTM. While this is great for the evolution of IASTM, many people are […]

IASTM Instruments: Choosing What’s Right For You.

Looking to buy IASTM Instruments? Not sure what to get? Don’t worry, check out our 5 Rules to help in your decision making. 5 Rules To Ensuring You Choose The Right IASTM Instruments For You! Choosing the right IASTM instruments or set can be a tricky process. The recent growth in IASTM has led to […]

IASTM as a complement to Fascial Manipulation

          By Matthew Hajzl, DC   As a stand-alone technique, IASTM has been taught in the States for nearly 20 years as a very basic modality for the treatment of tendonitis and sports injuries. But, is there a place for IASTM to complement Fascial Manipulation and other advanced and diversified techniques? […]

IASTM and the Window Effect

IASTM and the Window Effect. Want to know what it is and why it is important to you and your clients? This blog has all the information you need to know. New research is indicating that much of the soft issue change we elicit through manual therapy is largely due to stimulation of receptors in […]

Can IASTM be considered True Myofascial Release?

Myofascial release has become one of the most widely used manual therapy phrases in recent times. Somewhat of a ‘Buzz’ word, with people claiming anything from deep tissue massage, foam rolling, lacrosse ball work, Active Release Techniques® and goodness knows how many other techniques are Myofascial release. The debate suggest that relatively few of the […]

5 Common IASTM mistakes people make

Without the proper training and guidance, it’s very easy to develop bad habits and technique. This is true for all manual therapy, and especially so for instrument assisted techniques. Make sure your IASTM results are suffering because of these easy common mistakes… IASTM Mistakes List: Number 1 – Over gripping One of the biggest problems we see is practitioners gripping the instrument far too tightly. […]

IASTM and the Subscap : Should we treat it?

It’s a simple question that we are often asked. IASTM and the Subscap, should we treat it? No matter what technique you use, in some instances there will likely be a better suited modalities for treating certain structures or parts of the body. This is especially true for delicate areas, closely approximated to significant nerves and vessels. The subscapularis is perhaps one of the important of these structure due […]

Should IASTM instruments be shaped to fit a certain body part?

Many of the popular IASTM brands feature instruments designed and shaped for treating particular parts of the body. What this means is the curved convex and concave surfaces are shaped to fit, say, the Achilles tendon, thenar muscles or the trapezius. Whilst this seems logical we surprisingly often get asked should IASTM instruments be shaped […]